Cody Ray Raymond

Cody uses the Premier Historic TW133 SM.

Seattle based Neo-Soul Singer-Songwriter, Guitar Player and recording artist, Cody Ray Raymond began his full-time career in 2014 living out of his car, street performing in Seattle, Washington, WA for food and gas money.

Cody Ray is now bringing a new light to soul music, leading his own group called Cody Ray & the New Favorites, creatively fusing Funk, Pop, Rnb, Soul, Jazz and Rock. Performing on some of the same West Coast (USA) stages as Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Allen Stone, Mike Love and more, Raymond is catching the eyes, ears and hearts of thousands every year with his genuine songwriting, charisma, smooth guitar playing, and impressive soulful vocals. For more information including videos, pictures and more, visit

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