New Direct to Door service

At Tanglewood we care very much for our family of staff, many of whom have been with us for decades.

We care for our retail partners who constantly face challenges through difficult trading conditions in a fluid and unpredictable retail landscape .

And we care for you and our extended family of players who love music and sustain the joy and expression of playing an instrument for the benefit of us all.

In light of the above we want to come through this Covid 19 crisis as soon as possible and are strictly adhering to government guidance to do so… and the well-being of our people and their families is absolutely paramount to us.

So we are now working on a flexible staff rota, to keep business as close to normal as possible whilst allowing isolation time for all our team members in rotation. We have mission to protect and maintain 100% of our hard working staffs family income and to keep our retail community alive.

All our team will continue to be paid whether they can attend work or not and for those who’s role is not possible to be fulfilled within the Tanglewood business right now will use their free paid time to volunteer in the community for those most in need.

We feel it is incumbent upon us to do our very best for everyone in this time of crisis as we’re sure you’ll agree.

And to support our retail store partners , many of whom will face hardship through reduced opening times or even rolling closures… we are launching a new emergency Direct to Door shipping service on their behalf.

We want you to continue to shop and support local business, and let’s face it… as more and more of us may have to isolate and quarantine ourselves indefinitely, there couldn’t be a better time to discover the joy of making music and learning an instrument.

So if you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, a Ukelele, a Guitar a Banjo, a Bass, a Mandolin etc check them out now on our website.

We will hand select, quality check and ship any instrument you desire and deliver that beautiful instrument directly to your home, on behalf of your local music shop. Your local retailer will still be making the sale to you and you will have a full 12 month manufacturers warranty through the retailer, it will just be supported by us.

We are simply facilitating the sale in a logistical sense, administering the money and passing it on to the retailer whilst making sure you get a perfect product direct to door, just as you would have if the store had been able to open for you to pick it yourself.

So in this difficult time… keep your spirits up, stay positive, play music and please support your local community retailers who need you now more than ever before.

Stay safe… Trust Tanglewood

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