The Discovery DBT SFCE TR G guitar is a remarkable instrument that combines exquisite craftsmanship with top-tier materials, resulting in a sound that is both rich and versatile. With its Super Folk body shape, this guitar strikes an ideal balance between a dreadnought and a concert size, offering a comfortable and ergonomic playing experience.

Crafted with a Mahogany top, the DBT SFCE TR G produces a warm and resonant tone with a beautiful midrange presence. The Mahogany back and sides further enhance the guitar’s tonal qualities, providing a deep and well-defined low end, as well as a sweet, balanced treble. Mahogany is renowned for its ability to produce a rich, mellow sound that is perfect for a wide range of musical genres, making this guitar a versatile choice for any musician.

The Tanglewood TW-EX4 EQ system, integrated into the guitar, is designed to enhance the guitar’s acoustic capabilities when amplified. This pickup and preamp system ensures that the natural, warm tones of the Mahogany top and body are faithfully reproduced when plugged into an amplifier or sound system. The TW-EX4 system allows you to fine-tune your sound with controls for volume, bass, midrange, treble, and a phase switch, giving you the flexibility to shape your tone to suit your preferences and the requirements of your performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring musician, the Discovery DBT SFCE TR G guitar offers a top-notch playing experience with its high-quality construction and tonal characteristics. Its superb craftsmanship, premium materials, and the Tanglewood TW-EX4 EQ system make it an excellent choice for acoustic guitar enthusiasts looking for an instrument that delivers both in terms of sound quality and playability.