The Premier TSP 15 SD HB guitar is a captivating instrument that seamlessly blends classic design with modern innovation. With its unique features and premium craftsmanship, it’s a perfect choice for guitar enthusiasts and performing artists alike.

At the heart of this guitar is its distinctive Sloped Shoulder Dreadnought body shape. This design offers a delightful twist on the traditional dreadnought, providing a sleek and modern appearance while retaining the dreadnought’s iconic tonal characteristics. The sloped shoulder design offers a comfortable playing experience and a rich, powerful projection that’s perfect for a wide range of musical styles.

The guitar’s Solid Spruce top is a key element in shaping its exceptional sound. Renowned for its versatility and resonance, the Spruce top produces a balanced, clear, and expressive tone. It’s highly responsive, making it well-suited for both fingerpicking and strumming, and it only gets better with age, enhancing its tonal richness.

Complementing the Spruce top, the Premier TSP 15 SD HB features a back and sides crafted from Mahogany. Mahogany’s warm and rich tonal qualities contribute to the guitar’s deep and mellow sound. The combination of Solid Spruce and Mahogany ensures a harmonious and well-rounded tonal profile that can accommodate various musical genres.

The inclusion of the Fishman Presys EQ system is another noteworthy feature of this guitar. This built-in preamp and pickup system offers versatile and convenient control over your sound. With functions such as volume adjustment, a three-band EQ for tonal shaping, and a phase switch to reduce feedback, the Fishman Presys EQ system ensures that the guitar sounds superb when amplified, making it an excellent choice for live performances or studio recording.