The Premier TSP 45 HB guitar is a beautifully crafted instrument that seamlessly combines elegance, versatility, and exceptional sound quality. With its unique features and meticulous craftsmanship, this guitar is a top choice for musicians who demand both style and substance.

One of the most distinctive features of the Premier TSP 45 HB is its Super Folk body shape. This contemporary design marries the comfort of a smaller body with the projection of a larger one, making it a versatile choice for both fingerstyle players and strummers. The guitar’s Super Folk body shape offers a balanced and articulate sound with a comfortable playing experience that makes it ideal for extended playing sessions.

The Solid Spruce top is at the heart of the guitar’s captivating sound. Solid Spruce is renowned for its responsiveness, delivering a clear, well-balanced, and expressive tone. It’s suitable for various playing styles and is known to improve in tonal depth and complexity as it ages, ensuring a lasting and evolving tonal quality.

Complementing the Spruce top, the Premier TSP 45 HB features Mahogany back and sides. Mahogany’s rich and warm tonal characteristics add depth and resonance to the guitar’s sound. The combination of Solid Spruce and Mahogany results in a harmonious tonal profile that’s perfect for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

Adding to the guitar’s versatility is the Fishman Presys EQ system, a notable feature. This built-in preamp and pickup system allows for easy amplification and tonal shaping. It includes volume control, a three-band EQ for precise sound adjustment, and a phase switch to minimize feedback, ensuring that the guitar sounds exceptional whether you’re playing live or recording in a studio.