SHAPE Full size Classical
TOP Spruce
BACK Mahogany
SIDES Mahogany
BRIDGE Techwood
ELECTRONICS Tanglewood Premium Plus
FINISH Natural Satin
Full Specification TWCE3

Producing fine handcrafted Spanish style classical guitars is a centuries old luthiers secret and although to some, a guitar is a guitar, those in the know, including our luthiers, will point to significant differences in the disciplines of making nylon strung guitars & steel strung guitars. For that reason we have established a small handcraft workshop where 4 luthiers now only work producing electro classical guitars for us. This small team are well versed in Spanish classical instrument production and take pride in every instrument they produce.

Our intro model will be the TWCE2 Sitka Spruce soundboard instrument. It’s very important for us to capture a striking, authentic Spanish tone, which we will get from the traditional Spruce and Mahogany construction of this model. The cutaway of the instrument lends an air of cool contemporary style and we add the traditional classical values of a 48mm nut width to make things comfortable for the player. We use our 4 band EX4 preamp and digital stage tuner to ensure studio and stage performance readiness and a 19th century southern Spanish rosette pattern to make the cosmetic look just right. Every guitar will feature a handcrafted delicate satin Matt lacquer finish.

For the TWCE3 we build upon the platform of the TWCE2, using the same contemporary cutaway styling and timbers of Spruce and Mahogany. We maintain the 48mm nut width and the historic 19th century southern Spanish rosette design and add the B-Band M-450T EQ system. Our luthiers have chosen to upgrade the finish on the TWCE3 to full luxury lacquer gloss.

Nut Width 48mm
Width 14th Fret 61.3mm
Scale Length 650mm
Neck Thickness 1F 21.5mm
Neck Thickness 10F 23mm
Upper Bout Width 247mm
Lower Bout Width 359mm
Waist Width 214mm
Body Depth (Neck) 88mm
Body Depth (End) 99mm
Body Length 496mm
Overall Length 1200mm