The Java TWJ SFCE LH guitar is an exceptional acoustic instrument meticulously designed to cater to the needs of left-handed guitarists. With a striking Super Folk body shape, a combination of exquisite tonewoods, and advanced electronics, this guitar offers a harmonious blend of comfort and powerful sound, making it a perfect choice for musicians seeking a balanced and visually captivating instrument.

The Super Folk body shape is renowned for providing a comfortable playing experience without compromising tonal potency. It is ideal for those who desire a versatile sound suitable for various playing styles and genres. This body design ensures superb playability and an intimate feel, making it an excellent choice for both left-handed beginners and experienced guitarists.

The guitar features a Solid Spruce top, highly regarded for its exceptional responsiveness and tonal clarity. The Solid Spruce top ensures that the guitar produces a bright, clear, and articulate acoustic tone with a well-defined dynamic range. This makes it an excellent choice for fingerstyle, strumming, and flat-picking, allowing left-handed musicians to express their music with precision and nuance.

What sets this guitar apart is its stunning three-piece back, crafted from a combination of Amara and Spalt Mango. Beyond their visually captivating grain patterns, these tonewoods contribute to the guitar’s unique tonal character. Amara offers warmth and balance, while Spalt Mango adds complexity and depth, resulting in a tone that’s both articulate and rich, perfectly suited for expressive, nuanced playing.

The Amara sides complement the overall tonal profile, ensuring a consistent and harmonious sonic response. The combination of these tonewoods guarantees that the Java TWJ SFCE LH guitar delivers a balanced, full-bodied sound with impressive sustain and resonance.

To cater to the modern needs of players, this guitar comes equipped with the Fishman Presys EQ system. This advanced electronic system empowers you to shape and refine your amplified sound with precision. Features like onboard EQ, phase control, and a built-in tuner ensure that your amplified tone is as clear, precise, and dynamic as your acoustic sound, allowing left-handed musicians to shine in any performance setting.