The Roadster II TWR2 DCE guitar embodies a harmonious marriage of classic design and contemporary functionality, catering to the needs of modern musicians seeking both versatility and exceptional tonal quality. With its Cutaway Dreadnought body shape, this guitar offers a commanding presence coupled with the added convenience of extended fretboard access.

At the core of the TWR2 DCE is its carefully selected Spruce top. Renowned for its clarity and responsiveness, Spruce imparts a bright and articulate character to the guitar’s sound. This tonewood ensures that each note is defined and projects with authority, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a bold and expressive playing style.

The back and sides of the guitar are masterfully crafted from Mahogany, contributing warmth and depth to the overall tonal profile. Mahogany not only enhances the visual appeal of the instrument but also enriches the low-end response, providing a well-rounded and resonant sound that complements various playing styles.

The addition of a cutaway to the Dreadnought body shape allows for easy access to the higher frets, facilitating fluid and expressive playing. This feature makes the TWR2 DCE an excellent choice for lead guitarists and those who enjoy exploring the entire range of the instrument.

Equipped with the Tanglewood TW-EX4 EQ system, this guitar takes versatility to the next level. The onboard electronics offer precise control over the guitar’s amplified sound, allowing musicians to shape their tone according to their preferences. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in a studio, the Tanglewood TW-EX4 EQ system ensures a reliable and high-quality amplified sound.