Fashioned from fine Mahogany in the design style of classic vintage instruments, the new Sundance Delta Historic range officially launches Monday May 16th  in the UK.

Scandinavian master luthier Michael Sanden has created an affordable and robust masterpiece of a guitar, deriving striking mid range tones and the richest of bass notes from the gloriously natural all mahogany soundbox.

Michael created Delta Historic without any compromise on internal features and inspired by 1940’s era guitars he produced and implemented his now classic tapered parallel bracing system, specifying quarter sawn American spruce braces on every model to marry the perfect sound and stability from each hand selected solid mahogany top.


The bracing was adjusted in prototype stages to attain the maximum sonic impact and tone, and upon testing each of the three body styles, our luthier team can report that there is a genuine uniformity across the body range, due in no small part to the care and attention paid to each tops flexibility.

Each Sundance Delta model is finished in a silky natural gloss finish which makes the rich mahogany colour really shine and a choice of body styles is available to meet every players needs.

The smallest of the three Deltas is the TW40PD, a powerful and tone rich Parlour guitar which is perfect for fingerpicking.


Sitting in the middle is the Auditorium Folk model TW40 OD, perfectly sized and weighted for session and studio playing.


And for the big, punchy, strumming sound, choose the TW40 SDD, a marvellously rich sounding round shouldered dreadnought with enough volume projection to suit every purpose.

Hitting the shops from next week, go find your own favourite Delta Historic and move up into our premium Sundance instrument class.


View More Details About Each Guitar

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