The Reunion Pro TRU3AK guitar is a stunning example of acoustic craftsmanship, designed to offer an exceptional playing experience through its exquisite materials and superior construction. This instrument is perfect for musicians who demand both visual beauty and outstanding tonal quality.

Featuring an Orchestra body shape, the TRU3AK provides a balanced and versatile sound that is ideal for a variety of playing styles and musical genres. The Orchestra body shape is known for its comfortable playability and excellent projection, making it suitable for both fingerstyle playing and strumming.

At the heart of the TRU3AK is a Solid Spruce top, celebrated for its clarity, responsiveness, and dynamic range. This top produces a bright, articulate sound with crisp highs, warm mids, and a resonant bass. Adding to its visual allure, the top is adorned with a figured Koa veneer, showcasing beautiful grain patterns that enhance the guitar’s overall aesthetics.

The back and sides of the guitar are crafted from Koa wood, known for its rich, warm tonal characteristics. Koa provides a balanced tonal spectrum with a pronounced midrange and a beautiful sustain, enriching the overall sound of the guitar. The combination of the Solid Spruce top and Koa back and sides creates a harmonious and expressive tonal palette, perfect for a wide range of musical expressions.