The Winterleaf Exotic TWX5CEK guitar is a remarkable blend of exquisite craftsmanship and premium features, tailored for discerning musicians who demand both exceptional playability and stunning aesthetics.

The guitar boasts a Cutaway Dreadnought body shape, which combines the classic and robust Dreadnought design with a convenient cutaway. This cutaway allows easy access to the higher frets, making it an ideal choice for players who enjoy intricate soloing and fingerstyle techniques. The Dreadnought body shape ensures a powerful and resonant sound with a deep, rich tone and excellent projection.

One of the standout features of this guitar is its solid top, meticulously crafted from high-quality tonewood. The solid top construction enhances the guitar’s tonal richness, offering a warm, well-balanced sound with impressive sustain. This feature ensures that every note played on the TWX5CEK guitar resonates with clarity and depth.

The guitar’s back and sides are made from stunning Koa wood, renowned for its distinctive grain patterns and tonal properties. Koa lends the guitar a visually striking appearance and contributes to its tonal complexity. Koa is prized for its clear and bright sound, adding a touch of brilliance to the guitar’s overall tonal character. 

Equipped with the Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system, this guitar offers advanced electronics for amplified performances. The Premium Plus system includes volume, tone, and phase controls, allowing players to fine-tune their amplified sound to perfection. Additionally, it features a built-in tuner, ensuring your guitar is always in tune, whether you’re practicing at home or performing on stage. The Premium Plus EQ system delivers a natural and pristine amplified tone, capturing the guitar’s acoustic qualities faithfully.