The Winterleaf Exotic TWX6CEK guitar is a stunning and versatile instrument that marries exquisite design with top-notch features, catering to discerning musicians who demand both exceptional playability and visual elegance.

The Grand Auditorium body shape, featuring a Venetian Cutaway, exemplifies a harmonious blend of style and functionality. This design not only offers a sleek and visually appealing aesthetic but also provides easy access to the higher frets, making it ideal for intricate solos and fingerstyle playing. The Grand Auditorium body shape delivers a well-balanced and versatile sound with a pleasing projection that suits a wide range of musical styles.

The guitar’s solid top is crafted from premium tonewood, ensuring a rich and resonant acoustic tone with impressive sustain and clarity. This solid top construction results in a warm and well-defined sound, making it a fantastic choice for various playing techniques and musical genres.

The Koa wood used for the back and sides of this guitar adds to its visual allure with its striking grain patterns. It also contributes to the guitar’s tonal character, providing a tonally balanced and clear sound. Koa is prized for its bright and pronounced sound, adding a touch of brilliance to the guitar’s overall tonal profile.

Equipped with the Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system, this guitar offers advanced electronics for amplified performances. The Premium Plus system features intuitive controls for volume, tone shaping, and a built-in tuner, ensuring that your amplified sound retains the natural acoustic qualities of the instrument. Whether you’re performing on stage or in a studio, the Premium Plus EQ system guarantees a clear and dynamic amplified tone.