The Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Amplifier is a fully equipped 2-channel, 60-watt combo amplifier designed for gigging musicians. With an 8-inch speaker, it delivers clear and powerful sound. The T6 features one channel dedicated to your guitar and a second channel for a mic/line signal, both benefiting from independent EQ and gain controls for precise sound customization.

The amplifier includes built-in digital FX with two reverbs, chorus, and delay, enhancing your sound with professional-grade effects. Additionally, it features an external FX loop, offering further flexibility for integrating external effects.

Other key features include:

  • MP3/Auxiliary input for playing backing tracks or music
  • Headphone socket for silent practice
  • Line out for connecting to other audio equipment
  • DI out for direct connection to PA systems or recording interfaces
  • 35mm recessed speaker pole socket for mounting on a speaker stand

The Tanglewood T6 is an all-in-one solution for acoustic performers, providing excellent sound quality and a range of features to meet the demands of any gig.

Full instruction manual here