The Tanglewood Heritage series guitars embody the essence of acoustic excellence, drawing inspiration from the now legendary body shapes that gained immense popularity through the TW15 & TW1000 Dreadnought models and the TW45 Super Folk. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, these guitars boast top-notch craftsmanship and the use of premium source materials, making them a prized possession for musicians and collectors alike.

At the heart of these exceptional instruments lies a Solid Englemann Spruce top, carefully selected for its exceptional tonal properties. This choice of tonewood ensures a well-balanced, rich, and resonant sound, making the guitars capable of producing both powerful and delicate notes with remarkable clarity.

The Heritage series offers a range of models with different tonewood combinations for the back and sides. Some feature Solid Mahogany, which imparts warmth, depth, and a pleasing midrange to the sound profile. Others come with Solid Rosewood, known for its lush overtones, sparkling highs, and pronounced bass response. These various combinations cater to diverse tonal preferences, allowing musicians to find the perfect match for their playing style.

For players seeking not only remarkable sound but also a touch of luxury, the Heritage series guitars incorporate a Piano Black Ebony fingerboard, elevating the playing experience with its smoothness and elegant aesthetics. The Walnut & Maple bindings add a touch of sophistication to the overall design, enhancing the visual appeal of these instruments.

To ensure seamless integration with modern amplification needs, the Heritage series guitars come equipped with LR Baggs Stagepro Element EQ systems. These advanced pickup systems deliver a natural and expressive sound when amplified, preserving the guitar’s acoustic character even in live performances.

Completing the ensemble are the luxury Gold Waverly machine heads, which not only add a touch of opulence but also provide precise tuning stability, ensuring that each note is delivered with accuracy and reliability.

In summary, the Heritage series guitars are a testament to the artistry of our luthiers, combining legendary body shapes, premium materials, and cutting-edge electronics to deliver an exceptional acoustic experience. Whether in the hands of professional musicians or discerning enthusiasts, these guitars stand as a symbol of acoustic brilliance, creating melodies that will echo through generations.