The Heritage TW45 H SR E guitar is a masterpiece of acoustic craftsmanship, offering a contemporary Super Folk Body shape and premium tonewoods that produce an exceptional blend of sound and style. This guitar features a Solid Spruce top and Solid Rosewood back and sides, and it’s equipped with the Fishman Presys Blend EQ system, making it a versatile and outstanding choice for musicians.

The Super Folk Body shape combines the playability of a smaller body with a well-balanced, sonorous sound. It’s a versatile choice, catering to a variety of playing styles. This design offers both comfort and projection, making it an excellent option for solo artists and live performers alike.

The Solid Spruce top is the heart of the guitar’s tonal excellence, providing clarity, responsiveness, and a wide dynamic range. It allows the instrument to respond to the subtlest nuances in your playing, ensuring a rich and expressive sound that’s perfect for intricate fingerpicking as well as strumming.

The Solid Rosewood back and sides contribute to the guitar’s depth and complexity. Rosewood is revered for its dark, resonant tones and its ability to enhance sustain and projection. With this tonewood combination, the Heritage TW45 H SR E guitar delivers a full, warm, and harmonically rich sound that’s well-suited for a wide range of musical genres.

The Fishman Presys Blend EQ system takes this acoustic-electric guitar to the next level. It ensures that the guitar’s natural acoustic voice is faithfully reproduced when amplified, allowing for pristine sound quality in live performances and studio recordings. The Presys Blend EQ system provides versatile tone-shaping options, so you can fine-tune your sound to match your preferences and musical style.