The Tanglewood Premier series of stage-ready electro-acoustic cutaway guitars offers a range of high-quality instruments designed to meet the needs of performing musicians. These guitars boast hand-selected Solid Sitka Spruce tops, known for their exceptional resonance and responsiveness, resulting in a balanced and clear tone. Paired with bowl back Mahogany backs, the guitars achieve increased sound projection, enhancing their volume and presence on stage.

Equipped with Fishman Presys EQ systems, these guitars offer seamless amplification capabilities for live performances and recording sessions. The Fishman Presys EQ system includes a preamp and pickup, allowing musicians to accurately reproduce the guitar’s natural sound when plugged into an amplifier or PA system.

The delicate satin matte lacquer finish not only adds an elegant touch to the guitars but also protects the wood while allowing it to resonate freely. This contributes to the overall playability and tone of the instrument.

Overall, the Tanglewood Premier guitars offer a compelling combination of craftsmanship, premium tonewoods, reliable electronics, and a beautiful satin matte lacquer finish, making them a great choice for musicians seeking quality instruments for their musical pursuits.