Sundance Historic

The Sundance Historic series guitars are an exceptional line of instruments meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled acoustic experience. These guitars are the brainchild of the esteemed master luthier, Michael Sanden, whose expertise and passion for acoustic excellence are unmistakably reflected in every aspect of these musical treasures.

The cornerstone of the Sundance Historic series’ exceptional sound is the use of premium materials, starting with the choice of a Solid Spruce top. Each top is carefully hand-selected, then tuned, braced, and aged with utmost precision, resulting in an instrument that produces an authentic, resonant, and well-balanced tone. The combination of Solid Spruce and Mahogany back and sides enhances the guitars’ projection, warmth, and tonal richness, making them a delight for discerning musicians.

One cannot help but admire the elegant Natural Gloss finish that graces the Sundance Historic series guitars. This finish not only provides an exquisite aesthetic appeal, accentuating the natural wood grain, but also contributes to the instrument’s responsiveness and overall tonal character.

The inclusion of the Fishman Presys EQ system further elevates the Sundance Historic series’ versatility. With this top-tier onboard electronics system, players can effortlessly amplify their acoustic sound without compromising the guitar’s acoustic integrity. The Fishman Presys EQ system ensures that the natural tonal nuances of these guitars are faithfully translated in live performances or recording sessions.

In conclusion, the Sundance Historic series guitars are the embodiment of Michael Sanden’s artistry and dedication to acoustic perfection. These guitars resonate with authenticity, delivering a rich, vibrant tone that is sure to captivate the hearts of musicians and audiences alike. Whether you’re strumming, fingerpicking, or flatpicking, the Sundance Historic series guitars are ready to accompany you on your musical journey with unmatched elegance and sonic brilliance.