The Left-handed Sundance Historic TW40 O AN E LH guitar is a masterfully crafted acoustic-electric guitar tailored for left-handed players. This instrument offers a harmonious blend of classic design and contemporary features, ensuring a superb musical experience for southpaw guitarists. The orchestra body shape, a hallmark of this guitar, is celebrated for its balanced tonal characteristics. Its smaller, more compact design ensures comfort during extended playing sessions, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of musical styles and techniques.

The solid spruce top of this guitar is renowned for its tonal excellence. It produces a bright, clear sound with ample projection, allowing left-handed players to express themselves with precision. Moreover, solid spruce matures with time, improving its tonal depth and resonance, which enhances the guitar’s character over the years.

The back and sides of the TW40 O AN E LH are constructed from mahogany, a tonewood known for its warm and rich tonal qualities. Mahogany adds depth and warmth to the guitar’s sound, striking a fine balance with the brightness of the spruce top. This combination creates a beautifully rounded and harmonically rich tonal profile that is perfect for fingerstyle playing, strumming, or flatpicking.

The inclusion of the Fishman Presys EQ system makes this guitar even more versatile. As an acoustic-electric model, it can be connected to an amplifier or PA system, allowing left-handed musicians to amplify their sound for live performances or studio recordings. The Fishman Presys EQ system offers precise control over your sound, featuring a three-band EQ, phase control to prevent feedback, a built-in tuner, and a digital display for easy adjustments.

Visually, the guitar exudes vintage charm, with a classic “Antique Natural” finish that not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also showcases the natural wood grain. Elegant binding and rosette details further enhance its overall elegance.