Winterleaf Exotic

The Winterleaf Exotic series guitars are expertly crafted instruments designed to cater to the needs of contemporary guitar players. These guitars boast a combination of premium materials and advanced features to deliver exceptional sound and playability.

One of the standout features of certain models in the Winterleaf Exotic series is the use of Solid Spruce tops with Koa veneers, complemented by Koa back and sides. This tonewood combination is chosen for its ability to produce a balanced and rich sound, with a warm tonal character and a pleasing aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the series includes guitars made from other woods like Pacific Walnut, Black Walnut, and Flame Maple, providing players with a variety of tonal options to suit their individual tastes.

To ensure a superior playing experience, the guitars come equipped with Elixir strings, renowned for their durability and long-lasting tone. These strings enable players to enjoy a consistent and vibrant sound for an extended period.

Moreover, the Winterleaf Exotic series guitars feature Tanglewood’s Premium Plus EQ systems, providing versatile and reliable onboard electronics for amplified performances. This allows players to effortlessly plug into an amplifier or PA system while maintaining the guitars’ natural sound characteristics.

Overall, the Winterleaf Exotic series guitars are crafted with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design elements. With their high-quality materials, tonal variety, and advanced electronics, these guitars are a suitable choice for modern players seeking an instrument that meets the demands of both their playing style and the professional stage. Whether in the studio or on tour, the Winterleaf Exotic series aims to deliver a rewarding musical experience for guitarists of all skill levels.