The Java series guitars are a unique and visually striking collection, drawing inspiration from Italian marquetry techniques. These guitars showcase a stunning combination of materials and craftsmanship, resulting in instruments that are both aesthetically pleasing and sonically impressive.

The back and sides of the Java guitars are crafted from Amara Ebony, a dense and resonant wood known for its deep and rich tones. To add a touch of elegance and contrast, a strip of Spalted Mango timber is used, creating a captivating visual effect that complements the dark ebony.

For the soundboard, the Java guitars feature Solid Spruce tops, a popular choice in acoustic guitars due to its exceptional responsiveness and projection. This combination of tonewoods ensures a well-balanced sound, with warm lows, clear mids, and sparkling highs.

To enhance the playability and tonal response even further, these guitars come fitted with Elixir strings. Elixir strings are renowned for their longevity and bright tone, providing a consistent and smooth playing experience.

Additionally, the Java series guitars are equipped with Fishman Presys EQ systems, offering versatile and reliable electronics for amplified performances. The Fishman Presys EQ system includes a preamp and pickup, allowing musicians to accurately amplify and shape the guitar’s natural sound when plugged into an amplifier or PA system.

In summary, the Java series guitars are not only visually stunning, with their Amara Ebony back and sides adorned with Spalted Mango timber, but they also deliver a rich and well-balanced acoustic tone, thanks to the Solid Spruce tops. With the added benefit of Elixir strings and Fishman Presys EQ systems, these guitars are a remarkable choice for musicians seeking exceptional craftsmanship and excellent sound quality in their acoustic-electric instruments.