The Sundance Historic TW40 SO VS E guitar is an exquisite and sonorous acoustic-electric instrument, thoughtfully designed to offer a rich and versatile musical experience. The OO Folk body shape with a 12th fret join is a hallmark of this guitar, drawing inspiration from traditional designs. The compact size and unique 12th fret neck join contribute to a warm and balanced tonal quality, making it perfect for fingerstyle playing and delicate picking. The 12th fret join allows for easy access to higher frets while adding to the guitar’s distinctive vintage character.

The solid spruce top of the TW40 SO VS E is a top-tier tonewood, known for its superb resonance and expressive sound. It imparts a bright, clear, and well-articulated tone, providing an excellent platform for intricate fingerpicking and melodic playing. Solid spruce ages gracefully, enhancing its tonal depth and richness over time, ensuring a more mature and characterful sound as the guitar evolves.

For the back and sides, mahogany is used, prized for its warm and mellow tonal attributes. Mahogany complements the brightness of the spruce top by adding depth and warmth to the guitar’s sound. This combination results in a well-rounded, harmonically rich tone that beautifully resonates through the OO Folk body.

One of the standout features of this guitar is its Fishman Presys EQ system. This advanced onboard electronics system allows you to easily amplify your sound for live performances or studio recordings. It offers a three-band EQ for precise tone shaping, a phase control to prevent feedback, a built-in tuner for convenience, and a digital display for easy adjustments. This system ensures that the guitar’s natural acoustic qualities are faithfully reproduced when amplified, capturing the essence of its rich, resonant tone.

Visually, the TW40 SO VS E exudes vintage charm with its “Vintage Sunburst” finish, which adds to its aesthetic appeal while enhancing the instrument’s timeless beauty. The guitar is further adorned with elegant binding and rosette details, enhancing its classic and elegant appearance.