Grand Auditorium

  • Full in the lower register, present in the midrange, and sparkling on the treble strings
  • Good for: Pickers and strummers alike

The mid-size Grand Auditorium sits comfortably between a Dreadnought size and the smaller Orchestra size. While the Dreadnought is traditionally considered a flatpicker’s guitar and the smaller Orchestra caters to fingerstylists, the Grand Auditorium covers all bases.

The shape produces an original acoustic voice that was big enough to handle medium-strength picking and strumming, yet with impressive balance across the tonal spectrum, especially in the midrange, producing clear, well-defined notes that suits both strumming and fingerstyle playing.

Our Grand Auditorium body shapes feature a Venetian cutaway. The Venetian cutaway is known for the soft, curved, sloping peak of the cutaway.

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