Super Jumbo


    The Reunion TRU7ABCEBW guitar is a marvel in the world of acoustic bass guitars, offering an exceptional combination of superior craftsmanship, breathtaking aesthetics, and powerful sound. Designed for discerning musicians, this instrument stands out with its unique features and outstanding tonal qualities. Featuring a Super Jumbo body shape, this acoustic bass guitar delivers a robust and resonant sound with a deep, thunderous bass response. The large body size ensures excellent projection and sustain, making it perfect for both intimate acoustic settings and larger stages. The Super Jumbo shape also provides a comfortable playing experience, allowing players to explore the full range of the bass with ease. The guitar's top is made from Solid Spruce, a tonewood known for its clarity, responsiveness, and dynamic range. The Solid Spruce top ensures that every note played on this bass guitar is articulate and well-defined, making it a joy to play in any musical genre or style. The back and sides of the guitar are crafted from Figured Black Walnut, a visually striking wood known for its rich, dark color and unique grain patterns. Apart from its captivating appearance, Black Walnut contributes to the bass guitar's warm and deep tonal characteristics. The combination of Solid Spruce and Figured Black Walnut creates a harmonious balance between brightness and warmth, providing a well-rounded and expressive sound. One of the standout features of the TRU7ABCEBW is the integrated Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system. This advanced electronics package allows bassists to shape and amplify their sound with precision. The system's versatile controls enable players to fine-tune their tone, ensuring clarity and definition, whether playing acoustically or plugged into an amplifier or PA system.

    The Reunion Pro TRU7CEAZ guitar is a true masterpiece, meticulously crafted to provide an extraordinary playing experience and deliver a tonal quality that's nothing short of exceptional. This instrument combines superb craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, setting new standards in the world of acoustic guitars. Boasting a Super Jumbo body shape, this guitar is a powerhouse of sound, delivering a rich and resonant tone that's particularly impressive in the lower registers. The Super Jumbo design ensures exceptional projection and sustain, making it the perfect choice for both intimate acoustic performances and larger stages. Despite its size, the Super Jumbo body shape offers comfortable playability, allowing you to explore the full range of the instrument with ease. At the core of the TRU7CEAZ is a Solid Spruce top adorned with a figured Zebrano veneer. This exquisite pairing of Solid Spruce and Zebrano veneer not only enhances the guitar's visual appeal with its striking grain patterns but also results in a tonal profile that's truly outstanding. The Solid Spruce top provides clear, responsive, and dynamic resonance, while the figured Zebrano veneer adds a unique character and warmth to the sound. The Zebrano wood used for the back and sides of the guitar not only contributes to its visual appeal with its distinctive grain but also enriches the sound with a harmonious balance between brightness and warmth. This combination of Solid Spruce and Zebrano results in a tonal complexity that's perfect for a wide range of playing styles and musical genres. One of the most remarkable features of the TRU7CEAZ is the integrated Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system. This state-of-the-art electronics package empowers you to shape and amplify your sound with precision. Whether you're performing acoustically or plugging into an amplifier or PA system, the versatile controls allow you to fine-tune your tone to perfection.

    TYPE Electro Acoustic Bass
    SHAPE Jumbo
    TOP Hand Selected Mahogany
    BACK Mahogany
    SIDES Mahogany
    FINGERBOARD Techwood
    BRIDGE Techwood
    STRINGS Bronze Light
    ELECTRONICS Tanglewood Premium Plus
    FINISH Smokestack Black Satin
    Full Specification TWBBAB
    Building on the global success of our Crossroads range of instruments, our design team have created a whole new range of guitars, inspired by the cosmetic of 1940/50’s era US instruments with the class leading constructional signature of Michael Sanden and the Tanglewood artisanal team. Every Blackbird model is carefully braced to provide a tight bottom end bass note and clear rich high spectrum resonance. We have bound each model in vintage ivory ABS materials to provide the look of Bakelite from the 40’s, and though this won’t affect the sound, it certainly helps give provenance to the historic look our design team wished to capture, and to our mind, they have done a wonderful job. We have both traditional acoustic models and stage ready electro acoustic versions available, all featuring the outstanding new Tanglewood Premium Plus Eq system as standard equipment. The rich smoky charcoal stained finish we have christened “Smokestack Black“ and we hope, amongst the range you will be able to choose your own favourite!    
    Nut Width 43mm
    Width 14th Fret 54mm
    Scale Length 864mm
    Neck Thickness 1F 21mm
    Neck Thickness 10F 23mm
    Upper Bout Width 306mm
    Lower Bout Width 416mm
    Waist Width 253mm
    Body Depth (Neck) 100mm
    Body Depth (End) 121mm
    Body Length 507mm
    Overall Length 1230mm


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