Rosina Buck (Circe’s Diner)

Rosina uses the Tanglewood Sundance Pro TW47 E.

Dedicated to self-penned, honest, rootsy tunes, Rosina is a singer/songwriter best know for being one of the founding members of Bristol based band Circe’s Diner.

Rosina’s music touches base with Country, Americana, Folk and Pop traditions, yet the presentation and lyrical content comments on modern life through wondrous tales of love, loss and friendship.

Circe’s Diner’s tracks have been taken to live radio performances, airplay with BBC Introducing, live video sessions, film sync High Tide. 2015, and countless performances across the UK, including Glastonbury Festival and performing to the Great British Bakeoff’s family in the final.

Rosina began to learn the guitar just five years ago on a Tanglewood Discovery, but now plays the Sundance Pro TW47E which she has named Gloria. In a recent interview with Acoustic Magazine she said, “She is beautiful and I love her very much”.

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