Sam Evans

Sam uses the Tanglewood Sundance Historic TW40 O AN E & Evolution TSF CE N.

From working as a duo to, now, a full band, Sam Evans demonstrates a musical maturity and sensibility far in excess of his actual age.

His feel for a wide range of music is extraordinary: Sam and the band never perform without impressing and often astonishing listeners. A rare blend of musical integrity and a real performing presence – pure enjoyment on both sides of the stage!

Upbeat and uplifting acoustic music which fuses Reggae, Soul, Gypsy, Folk and World, all tied together with Sam’s message of harmony and positive vibe. The band have been touring and recording for over a year, and give a one-off sound that gets the crowd on their feet. Sam, who hails from Bristol and only 20, is widely recognised as a rising star in the UK, having performed 100’s gigs over the past few years at mainstream venues, such as The 100 Club, London; hitting the festival circuit, as well as touring Ireland and Romania.

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