Shagpile (AKA Jason Vare)

Jason uses the beautiful Tanglewood Sundance Pro TW47 E.

Shagpile AKA Jason Vare is a travelling troubadour of music from the beautiful Northumberland. He has been touring up and down the UK & Europe in many forms. In 2013 he performed in his travelling duo ‘We Steal Flyers’ at SXSW in Austin, Texas and since then he has toured and performed around 200 live shows per in anything from living rooms to arenas.


As a song writer Shaggy draws inspiration from the trials of life, and from the lives of those around him. These inspirations translate into music that is smooth and sincere. He has a creativity that detours from the ordinary!! Lyrically this music takes you to wherever you want to be and is full of emotion. 
Shaggy plays across the country individually, as part of an international touring acoustic duo called ‘We Steal Flyers’ and fronting his four-piece band ‘Growing Robots’. He has supported and shared the stage alongside artists such as Mark Morris, formerly of The Bluetones; Gregg Griffen of Proud Mary; Miles Hunt of the Wonderstuff, Nizlopi, Steve Daggett and Rod Clements of Lindesfarne, Hayseed Dixie and The Quireboys.

Shaggy is devoted to delivering his music to his already strong fan base as well as introducing himself to new listeners. He has been using YouTube as a great platform to get his music out there and build connections for many years with over 100 music videos online. Shaggys charismatic delivery of a live gig is really not to be missed though!!

…When this guy slows his music down, the world slows down with it…and it should. It should stop completely…just for a moment, pause, think…and listen.” Sleeping Bag Studios, CA

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