Zak Ford

Zak uses the Tanglewood Sundance Historic TW40 D AN E.

A multi-instrumentalist, Zak has been singing and writing songs since he wore Jurassic Park Pyjama’s but has only been on the acoustic scene for 12 months, already making an impact not only within his local Yorkshire circuit but now beyond the borders, playing shows across the UK supporting the likes of Shane Alexander and Ryan Keen.

Soul infused melodic folk has been used to describe Zak’s sound with his honest whole hearted vocals and harmonious chords. With vast musical influences ranging from Soul to Americana Zak’s sound is unique and brings a fresh twist to the table.

Now with a debut EP to his name Zak only wants one thing, and that is to bring his music to every corner of the UK and beyond.

“What a voice! You have to see this guy live to truly appreciate the passion and soul in his voice. Zak Ford is destined for huge things.” BBC Introducing

“Zak burst onto the music scene with soulful lyrics and heart trembling chords, carving a deep groove into the acoustic scene as a solo artist. With one impressive unfaltering voice, Zak Ford is not to be missed by anyone who loves gigs with a more relaxed vibe and is a lover of anything acoustic.”

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