Gab Zsapka

Gab uses the Tanglewood Sundance Historic TW40 O AN & TW40 SDVS E

Gab has been playing guitar professionally for over a decade, delivering not just slick playing but charismatic rock n roll performance, at around 200 shows yearly.

A prolific songwriter and tireless performer Gab has a long list of ongoing projects. Currently known as part of The Healers, he is a primary collaborator with UK country star Katy Hurt and co-wrote, produced and mixed her most recent EP “Pieces of Me”. Gab has backed a number of highly regarded artists including Sonia Leigh and Liv Austen (also a Tanglewood artist) touring up and down the country making waves in the UK country/rock scene as well as regularly taking on session work for Warner Music – most recently making TV appearances for Shane Richie.

Gab started playing music at a very early age and studied classical guitar at London College of Music. Since then he has played for countless artists in a wide range of genres while maintaining a blues/rock trio and co-founding Britains most high energy 80s rock party band “Permageddon”.

Throughout the last 5 years Gab has used a Tanglewood TW40 O AN for all acoustic duties both in the studio and on the stage. “It’s the perfect balance for fingerpicking and heavier strumming and the first guitar I would save from a burning building, almost every song I’ve written during the last 5 years has been on my Tanglewood”.

Gab has just recently in 2019 picked up another new Tanglewood, the Sundance Historic TW40 SDVS E, to use on his upcoming tour with Katy Hurt.

Check out Gab’s website here for details,, or visit his social media pages below.