Joel Gardner

Joel uses the Tanglewood Sundance TW145 SC LH.

Joel Gardner, (born 17 March 1994) is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist from Manchester, UK. He has just finished recording his debut release.

A gifted guitarist and prolific songwriter, Joel Gardner is a refreshingly unique artist with a diverse palette of inspired, original songs. He uses all parts of the guitar to create melodic, catchy music with powerful, thought provoking lyrics. His songs simply explode with positive energy. Performing and touring extensively over two continents since 2015; his live performances vary from emotive and intimate at his solo shows to uplifting and energetic with his backing band behind him. His latest EP sold hundreds of copies worldwide and received rave reviews.

Originally from Wilmslow in Cheshire, Joel’s music has won him a solid fan base and recognition from big names. In August 2017 Joel performed a session on BBC Radio Manchester and is regularly played on various other local radio stations. In 2017, Joel toured the UK 3 times performing alongside established artists such as Jamie Lawson, Brian Kennedy and Toss The Feathers; stunning crowds as far apart as Perth and Brighton. He released his popular EP ‘The Idea’ with a sold out show at Manchester’s ‘Gullivers’ venue. He made his first appearances on the festival circuit at Lattitude Festival and Tramlines Festival in Sheffield.

A relentless hard worker with well structured, crowd pleasing, listener friendly songs and incredible skills on the guitar; it is only a matter of time until Joel Gardner breaks through onto bigger stages. Drawing influence from guitarists such as Andy Mckee, John Butler and Calum Graham and vocalists such as Jack Johnson and John Mayer; Joel’s sound is broad and full of potential with both relaxing and peaceful songs and excited, driven and uplifting tunes in his arsenal of original material.

“I’ve used Tanglewood Guitars for the last 6 years. Being left handed, picking guitars is quite tricky as there’s not much choice outside of the beginners range. I was really pleased though by what Tanglewood had to offer. I chose the Superfolk because its small body really brings out the clarity in what I’m playing; this is really important as I play intricate finger style guitar parts in open tunings. I always get compliments on how good my guitar sounds plugged in, I really thrash it around and put it through its paces live and it responds great every time. I hit the guitar quite a lot when I play and for a guitar with such a small body, you can really get some bass booming out of it which always gets people tapping their feet.”

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