Zoe Zori

Zoe uses the Tanglewood Evolution Exotic TVC XB

Zoe Zori is a small girl with an acoustic guitar and a big voice! Zoe uses her acoustic guitar to create songs of great diversity throughout her set. She writes her originals by taking great influence from the likes of Green Day, Neck Deep, and John Mayer, as well as covering a mixture of more unknown songs fitting her image.

Zoe is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, and plays the guitar, bass, piano, trumpet and she sings.

Zoe uses her Tanglewood TVC XB as her main gigging and recording instrument, and she can be seen in most of her music promotion shots with it. It is the most reliable guitar she has had her hands on! She often has people commenting on how stunning her guitar is, particularly with such a unique wood top and full organic sound.

Zoe has taken her music across the UK, as well as branching into America, Greece, the Canary Islands, Portugal & Thailand, in all of which, she has been very well received, steadily building a fanbase worldwide.

“Well, 99 percent of the time, acoustic supports are timid and disconnected from the audience. So it was super exciting to see someone so full of energy and confidence on stage and I’m pretty sure she changed to go on stage? So that was cool” – Guitarist of The Bold Survive

You can check out more of Zoe on her social pages below.